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Cripple Wall Retrofits:Most Houses Built before 1940

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Engineering and the  Retrofit Mudsill Connection

Critique of Appendix Chapter A3 of the CEBC

Critique of Standard Plan A

Seismic Retrofit Engineers Answer Essential Questions

Archaic Building Materials: Is Your House Already Earthquake Proof?

Seismic Retrofit Guidelines

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The Simpson StrongTie Catalog and Other Published Reports

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Moisture on Plywood: Its Impact on Shear Walls

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Testing of Old Foundations By the Structural Engineer’s Association of Southern California

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How to Get a Lot of Protection With Minimal Foundation 

Retrofitting a House Using the Center Foundation

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San Francisco Soft Story Mandate

Soft Story Retrofit Engineers in San Francisco and the Bay Area

The Wrong Soft Story Retrofit Engineer Can Cost You a Bundle

The Dangers of Pressure Treated ACQ Lumber


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The Dangers of Pressure Treated ACQ Lumber

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The Simpson StrongTie Catalog and Other Published Reports

What Happens to Stucco in Earthquakes

The Post to Beam Connection

The Performance of Drywall in Earthquakes

Balloon Framing

The Dangers of Pressure Treated ACQ Lumber

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The Shear Wall Rosetta Stone: Research Report 154

Shear Wall Blocking in Exterior Siding

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Shear Wall Laboratory Tests and Retrofit Applications Found in Research Report 154

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