One of these houses looks like yours. Learn what your seismic retrofit contractor must do.

Cripple Wall Retrofits 1900-1945

Why Hillside Homes Kill People and Could Kill You

Hillside homes can literally kill you if they are not retrofitted. Seismic retrofit contractors and engineers rarely know what to do. Find out why these retrofits are different from every other type of retrofit and must use a special building code from Los Angeles.

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No Cripple Wall Retrofits 1945-2010

Soft Story Retrofits, Living On Top of a Garage

“Soft story” homes with living areas above a garage are hazardous because the garage door openings can collapse, with catastrophic consequences. Soft story retrofits prevent this kind of damage. Find out what your seismic retrofit contractor needs to do.

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The Threat

The Truth About Earthquake Insurance

All that glitters is not gold. Find out if earthquake insurance is worth the money and California Earthquake Authority’s own admission, they don’t have enough money to cover anticipated losses. A good seismic retrofit is probably all you need to avoid the disaster.

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Post Connections

Don’t Get Talked Into This Unnecessary Work

Some seismic retrofit contractors might try and tell you to do work that is not necessary. Only a few critical connections must be strengthened. Discover common misconceptions about seismic retrofitting and why a little research pays off.

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Old Foundations

Why Do I Need Foundation Bolts?

There are a lot of misunderstandings by contractors and engineers about retrofit foundation bolts. Understanding what they do, the different types, and where and how to install them will save you a lot of money and at the same time give you a better retrofit.

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Building Shear Walls

Overturning Forces Can Destroy Your Shear Wall

Shear walls can be quickly destroyed when an earthquake tries to turn them over like a cartwheel. This video and web page will show you what overturning forces are, how they damage shear walls, and how to prevent this damage with simple, easy to install hardware.

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