This is a body of research primarily funded by FEMA that the FEMA P-1100 had access to. 

4500 Page CUREE Wood Frame Project

422 Page FEMA P-1100-3 A Report for the “Quantifying the Performance of Retrofit of Cripple Walls and Sill Anchorage in Single-Family Wood-Frame Buildings


326 Page CEA-EDA-01_GeneralGuide CEA-EDA-Earthquake Damage Assessment and Repair Guidelines for Residential Wood-Frame Buildings

342 Page CEA-EDA-Earthquake Damage and Repair Guideline.

190 PAGE FEMA P-50 Simplifed Seismic Assessment of Detached,Single-Family Wood-Frame Dwellings

168 Page FEMA_P-50-1 Seismic Retrofit Guidelines for Detached, Single-Family, Wood-Frame Dwellings

571 Page FEMA P-547  Techniques For The Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings

Page Count Unknown ( I won’t pay $25 tp find out) FEMA 276, Example Applications of the NEHRP Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings

21 Page FEMA DR-4193-RA2 Earthquake Strengthening of Cripple Walls in Wood Frame Buildings.

161 Page PEER Research Studies for P-1100 Retrofit of One and Two-Story Dwellings

44 Page PEER Framing Hillside Home Retrofit Decisions

225 Page FEMA 232 Homebuilder’s Guide to Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction

Unknown Page Length FEMA P-58-1, Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings, Volume 1 – Methodology, Second Edition

Unknown Page Length FEMA P-58-2, Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings, Volume 2 – Implementation Guide, Second Edition

Unknown Page Length A Methodology for Seismic Design and Construction of Single-Family Dwellings

Unknown Page Length FEMA 237, Development of Guidelines for Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings, Phase I

21 Page FEMA_274, NEHRP Commentary on the Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings

15 Page ATC-50TOC Simplified Seismic Assessment of Detached, Single-Family, Wood-Frame Dwellings

267 Page FEMA Publication  Seismic Retrofit Training For Building Contractors & Inspectors

84 Page DR-1664-HI Structural Seismic Retrofits For Hawaii Single Family Residences With Post and Pier Foundations