Wedge anchor

FEMA P-1100-ICC 1300 allow screw anchor bolts and epoxy bolts but what about wedge anchors? These are also called mechanical anchors.  Their acceptance and promotion would go a long way in keeping the standard from being so ridiculously unaffordable. 

The International Code Council FEMA P-1100/ICC 1300 Standard Vulnerability Based Seismic Assessment of One and Two Story Dwellings says to avoid them.

Disallowing wedge anchors breaks with 25 years of precedent. Every seismic retrofit guideline throughout the state, including the state-wide guideline Appendix Chapter A3 of the California Existing Buildng Code allows them.  We have found them to be easy to install and not a health hazard in the same way epoxy bolts are.  In addition, mudsill plates fit on them while they won’t fit on screw anchors.

I heard that an engineer told the committee that a contractor told him that they broke out the side of the concrete. I have literally installed tens of thousands of these and never had that problem.

In addition, tests were done by the Structural Engineer’s Association, and they did not have any problems.

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