I don’t particular like this video but it is all I have.

Angle Iron Braces

Angle irons are an untested system.  It is a general standard of practice that only tested retrofit hardware and methods should be used.  Otherwise, what will happen is anyone’s guess.

The information in this video was created after consultations with numerous structural engineers.  If you would like an educated second opinion: structural engineer Josh Kardon Ph.D. told me he would be happy to talk to anyone considering their use.

Kelly Cobeen was kind enough to do actual calculations regarding their effectiveness.  In conclusion she discovered that at best an Angle Iron Brace has the strength of 1/4 a bolt.  Numerous structural engineers were kind enough to answer questions I had about their efficacy.  Please see the answer to Question 25.  In addition, Buddy Showalter with the American Wood Council, the largest wood products research center in the world, was willing to give his expert opinion wherein he said he was perplexed that anyone would retrofit a house in this manner.  That is all I can tell you- only the earthquake will tell us for sure.


Sample Angle Iron Braces


Image of angle iron braces from contractor website

Photograph of angle iron installed under house