I do not see any reason why a contractor would use this construction detail and its inclusion in FEMA P-1100/ICC 1300 will only serve to make contractors deride it and give them one more reason not to use it in addition to its being so expensive to implement. 

ICC 1300 Shear Wall Construction Why?


I can’t figure out why someone would want to do it like this, can you?


This shear wall construction detail is a very labor and materials intensive and is recommended when a mudsill is embedded in concrete. It is not found in any of the other seismic retrofit guidelines.

After looking at the detail contractors will say “why are you going through all that trouble? Just hit the concrete a few times with a hammer and be done with it. “  And think the authors of P-1100/ICC 1300 are unfamiliar with the tools and working environment that is part of their everyday lives. 


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